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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası


Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Master of Business Administration Distance Education
Master of Business Administration Distance Education

Master of Business Administration Distance Education

İşletme Anabilim Dalı

İşletme Anabilim Dalı

Distance education master’s programme without thesis in the department of management aims, on one hand, the students to obtain the systematic approach together with analytical thinking style within the area of management, and on the other hand the students to be equipped with the current knowledge in a way that will include all the management functions. 
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Distance education is a type of planned education in which the students and teachers are brought together in a virtual classroom environment in a variety of ways without the need for students to exist in a physical environment and by having advantages of the technology. The advantages of distance education can be assumed as the increasing teaching opportunities, the delivering of the education which needs to reach to more number of people who are in different geographical locations, real time access to the specialists who may exist in different locations, increasing flexibility within the methods and environments of teaching, the increase in the sharing of the teaching resources, increasing productivity with the provision of  education in the environment in which the students work, the decrease in students’ travel and other expenses for education, the decrease in the differences between the authentic environment and the classroom environment, significant amount of decrease in teaching expenses,  facilitating the students’ access to the courses, speeding up and easiness in gaining access to the information, speeding up in distributing of the teaching materials.

Teaching duration of distance education master’s programme without thesis in management department is three (3) semesters. Our students may start their project semesters by succeeding 10 courses (30 credits) in first and second semesters. In the last term (3rd semester), the students can begin preparing their term projects with their advisors that will be assigned with the decision of the Institute Administration

Committee and with the proposition of Academic Unit. The students who complete the projects successfully gain right to have their diplomas.

The students of distance education of master’s programme without thesis in administration department have the facility to track their courses wherever they wish, either via computer or tablet or smart phones only if they have internet access.

General Application Requirements

  1. To graduate from any bachelor’s programmes
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1st Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 EİŞL533 Research Methods Elective3
2 EİŞL501 Management Organization Elective3
3 EİŞL502 Production Management and Marketing Elective3
4 EİŞL503 Advanced Accounting Techniques Elective3
5 EİŞL504 Financial Management Elective3
6 EİŞL505 Human Resources Management Elective3
7 EİŞL506 Organizational Behavior Elective3
8 EİŞL507 Customer Relationship Management Elective3
9 EİŞL508 Business Policy Elective3
10 EİŞL509 Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Elective3
11 EİŞL510 Performance and Career Management Elective3
12 EİŞL511 Marketing Strategy and Management Elective3
13 EİŞL512 Strategic Management Elective3
14 EİŞL513 Consumer Behavior Elective3
15 EİŞL514 Marketing Planning Elective3
16 EİŞL515 Product and Brand Management Elective3
17 EİŞL516 Management Information Systems Elective3
18 EİŞL517 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Elective3
19 EİŞL518 Inventory - Balance Sheet Elective3
20 EİŞL519 E-Commerce and Marketing Elective3
21 EİŞL520 Marketing Research and Applications Elective3
22 EİŞL521 Public relations Elective3
23 EİŞL522 Marketing, Communication and Advertising Elective3
24 EİŞL523 Management Accounting Elective3
25 EİŞL524 Financial Statement Analysis Elective3
26 EİŞL525 SME Management Optimization Elective3
27 EİŞL526 Cost Accounting Elective3
28 EİŞL527 Total Quality Management Elective3
29 EİŞL528 Early in Business Intelligence and Database Update Elective3
30 EİŞL529 Tourism Management Elective3
31 EİŞL530 Globalization and Entrepreneurship Elective3
32 EİŞL531 Accounting Auditing Elective3
33 EİŞL532 SMEs and Product Differentiation Elective3
34 EİŞL534 Quality Control Circles Elective3
35 EİŞL541 International Business Elective3
36 EİŞL536 Communication and Persuasion in Business Management Elective3
37 EİŞL537 Advanced Marketing and Brand Management Elective3
38 EİŞL538 Industrial Relations Elective3
39 EİŞL539 New Approaches in Leadership Elective3
40 EİŞL540 Crisis Management in Business Elective3
41 EİŞL542 Marketing and Sales Clinics Elective3
42 EİŞL570 Technology Transfer and Innovation Management Elective3